I salute you

For your strength and dedidcation o continuing to better yourself. I salute you on your daily battles, whether it's right or going towards the wrong....you stand true to yourself and your individual life choices.
You welcome others into your burning heart, letting people in and letting people go. Sacrificing your happiness for the sake of others. You amaze me. I thank you. Time and time again you places your needs secondary to others. You look to the only one who can set us free. You count on faith that everyday you will get better as well as others. Your well wishes and kind thoughts leave no one uncovered. Even for the ones who choose to be beacons on negative lights, you choose to support and surround them with your blessings and faith.
Emotions lead you back, but logic captures you in. Although you have struggled and continue to struggle you remain humble to everything before you.
There was a time when nothing was going well. Everything looked dull and black. Space and time held no meaning, there was no sense of balance. Yet you remained humble and believed each struggle felt and experience, each tiring and endless moment all would work out well and for the best.
Steadfast in the belief that it may not happen how we want and expect it to occur, but it will occur.
I thank you. For you have grown. You have grown.


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