The essence of knowing your intimate self…..

It is so easy to compliment and pay so much attention to your interested lover or partner of choice. It is so visually appealing to know every detail and intricate design of our chosen lover(s) most physically appealing and sensually stimulating features. Oh how it feels when you are about to engage in your all time favorite physical connection of choice with your lover; it’s as if you’re anticipating an already decided game. You run each feature and touch rapidly through your head. You have already engaged in the play-by-play verbal entrancing and simply intoxicating sounds; from moans to desired positions of passions or urgent pleas of completion being beckoned, one would say you are your lover’s keeper. The director of your lovers mind and body, instructionally orchestrating your desired outcomes and intentions of passion and pleasure. As if you are finishing the final strokes to an erotic and artistic masterpiece.

I love your smile…
I enjoy my mirror like never before. Whenever I gaze into the mirror I see a different me. Sometimes I see my focus and determination to see a goal or something I am pulling or appeal for come to fruition. Sometimes I see a beautiful assured woman who has boundless responsibilities, but throws all care and caution to the wind. At times, I see a heart broken and tear stricken face of a woman that has loved too many times, lost endlessly, but never ceased to crack a shaky smile. The more I invite myself out to play, the more I see the unlimited potential. Learning more about myself and engaging more of myself and expecting more from myself, continues to afford me many intimate self awareness moments of myself. I am learning how to see me. Visually appealing, and clear to all views from me.

So it begins….

Self love and knowledge appears to be just as intoxicating as ever before. It appears as if falling in love with oneself resembles the loving experience of falling in love with someone else. I feel as if getting to know myself more intimately matches the same feelings and expressions of one’s feelings entangled in the dating and relating realm. I am enjoying these feelings and moments more and more, more so than ever before, because I am ready to acknowledge these feelings and appreciate them more. I am ready to love myself like no other, by burgeoning on my desired love.

Lesson Twenty Eight: Sometimes we have to seek to be found out……
Always looking to someone else for acceptance, guidance and courage. Always running from opportunities to place you forward, by playing background fiddle. Never excelling above and beyond my most vivid and wild dreams from fear of acceptance and appeal to everyone who critically judges and misguides me. Never before have I embraced all of these spoken negatives. I am ready.


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