Relax your mind.....

Does it really matter?

So as they say, “Let the day go on and forward”. I am allowing the day to go on and in fact to go forward. Forward to whichever way it decides to go. I have no set plans, and I am not allowing myself to materialize any plans out of thin air. Assumptions and thoughts will always consume and engulf me; however, today I am letting them rest in the back seat. I am actually allowing myself to face some of the fears and doubt and questions I have in regards to how I am feeling emotional, mentally, physically and sexually at this time. Each questioned category will need an extended section to individually speak about; however, this time right now is not the time for that particular session and experience. So…..I embrace the unbalanced feelings, the feelings of confusion. Simply and utterly lost in the whys and what now, possibly or maybe not? Perhaps it all was a dream, a damned good dream I may add, however, everything is worth experiencing.

Didn’t you…..
So I told you what exactly I was experiencing through my eyes on that day. Did that surprise and overwhelm you? Were you startled as to how and why I became so passionate toward and for you at the very time and moment? Revealing these feelings and emotions appear to have afflicted me with doubt……I am thinking that perhaps I overly exposed myself to you. Perhaps I opened up a door that was cracked, but was on its way of widening up. Perhaps I think too much! All I can say is that I exposed my most intimate and passionate detail to you. I have allowed you to stitch a part of me to you. Forever, will be linked, but not as inanimate objects in time and space.

Life Lesson Twenty Five: All I am to become…..
At times we will not say the things that need to be said. We will not venture beyond the norms. We won’t raise our voice, or speak our minds. We will settle, and in this contended state we will forever be muted. All I am to become is somebody. All I am ever to need is me to seek out and search this somebody and embrace and love her forever more.


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