Crash into me

By chance would you happen to remember the steps of an enchanting game, a game played by two willing individuals who are looking for love, romance and the intoxicating and tender moment? I recently learned that I love for my feet to be touched and embraced and rubbed in such an up down stroke, it resembles the Passion play my hand would have on my lovers most desired manly feature. I also learned that I love a tender behind the ear and straight to my next kiss. A kiss that would linger and burrow into the hollow of my neck, leaving me no time to catch my breath. Side by side, entwined into his middle, my full body thrust tightly to his full body. A sweeping sensation up and down of my arm. Light gentle touches in a circular motion on and around my swollen and full breasts. Passionately awaiting your entrance inside of me. Passionately awaiting your hard to tight, slow to fast, pit of my tummy, nerves binding and bunching feeling.

Day dreaming…..
While I am at work I envision coming home to you. I love your smile. Your scent, your laugh and also your ability to appear shy, but in control of yourself and feelings at all times. I would love for you to come home to me, while you await our evening conversation I am singing over a love meal, being prepped and prepared with my all. For you I wait on you and eagerly listen and open up to you. I smile because although we had a long work day we still made it through for an evening and night that is exclusive to only me and you.

Twenty Nine: Let passion and love reside…..
Although we go through heart ache and break up’s and overall strife and hard times, we are able to survive and maintain ourselves. We are able to envision and dream major dreams. We are still romantic and lovers at heart. Never letting life or anything resembling a trouble moment come in between us. Although I have fallen, I continue to rise. I love me. I love you, and for that we will continue on through. Passionately and more pleasurable as before.


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