Now is the time......

Endless dreams……….

Realizing that life is made up of many venues and detours continues to enlighten me. Realizing that I can and will do perhaps any and everything I set before myself allows me feelings of completion and blessings to bestow upon thee! I am in a complete state of thought, nirvana and perhaps amazement all at once. I don’t have to chase or be chased. I do not have to wait for someone to enter my life and brighten the clouded moments or gray areas. I am neither independent nor dependent on romantic, love lessons and experiences; I am aware of interdependence and embrace it. In fact I champion the ability of one being able to decipher their emotions, partner’s emotions and then incorporate the two into an intermixed succession. How I wish I knew all of these feelings and moments years ago……..

I rise and fall, but make steady headway and progress……
So looking at life from a new perspective, I view. I am a lot more gracious, and also obvious of the now. No longer am I transcending from place to place and moment to moment. I am gathered for each and every experience. I value your incorporation and stance within my life. Formerly I would think I am for me, and you are always for you; slowly I suck you into me and loosely I see me. Afraid and lost and alone I become. Never before Have I openly admitted my romantic failures and fears and as of recent trials and tribulations. I must free each and every experience. For each string that becomes unattached I walk further.

Lesson Twenty Seven: Embrace Maturity
Never was a time when I didn’t fear from change and transition, however, never was a time when I didn’t embrace transitions and challenges as I do today. Allow difference to enter your life and path. Take change by hand and boldly face forward and walk. Through caution and care to the wind at times, but hold steady to long term happiness and personal fulfillment and self contentment. Life is meant to be experienced. Amen!


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