Guiding others……

When you are hurting and wondering about all of your things you are experiencing and going through, there is always someone else facing the same situation as you. Instead of turning within we reach out and guide others. As I listened to my friend’s pains, I could not help but become nostalgic and turn inwards briefly to think about my situational occurrences I have experienced. I noted that communication and being up front and open with someone is the key ingredient in a successful relationship. Your ability to see outside yourself, and enter into someone’s life and their situations remains a major factor in accepting someone and yourself in a partnership. Turning inward again I questioned myself…..The state of balance, and also, the state of maintaining my own personal nerves and sanity remains with me only. I am not as eager and ready to transition and share with someone else. Although we cannot stop our emotional connections and attractions to and for others, however, we can learn to access our inner deepest states, and acknowledge our abilities to choose our status and romantic affairs. I wished my friend well as I heard him pour his soul out to me. He is hurting and in love, however, he does not realize that sometimes we have to love and let go. No matter how hard we try to get our loved one to see our ways in life, or even transition their individual ideas and pace; nothing is ever set in stone until the person in question is willing to transition. No matter how much you love someone, love is the ultimate healer, but love can also set you free. So I advised my friend to continue to make attempts at saving the relationship, but there is just so much one can do. As my personal opinion and advice echoed throughout my living room, something clicked for me. I try so hard to be loved, when in fact I am loved. I try so hard to conform to rules and regulations, when in fact I live rules and regulations free. I like the person who I am becoming. I have struggled to deal with my emotional self and logical self, being realistic and true to me isn’t an easy task. Relaying my life and experiences and sharing my world with someone is never easy, however, I am neither obligated nor set in stone with anyone. As you are, and as I advised “You are your own person. Allow life to be experienced, and live your life and explore all of life’s boundaries, and what life has to offer, but never limit yourself to anyone”.

Taking things in stride…..
I won’t personalize any responses or reactions. I will trust that each experience has meaning and color to my life. At times we continue to push life’s boundaries, however, we bypass the simple meaning of letting go and just being. We don’t have to be surrounded by stress, problems and troubles. If you are meant to be experienced then so be so, however, time is the ultimate teller of life’s themes, and in this particular theme your time has expired. The heart needs time to heal, the mind needs time to mend and your body and soul needs time for cleansing. I jumped from one situational occurrence, into another occurrence which in essence cost me time. I can only extend myself just so much, so I am taking things in stride. I welcome calm and peaceful moments. I am never alone, but walk single handed for a reason. Not having a steady partner is no longer personally viewed as a plague, but more time to amend myself. If I think it and believe it will come to fruition. When I dream, I stay in a stilted state, but when I succeed it’s a lasting and lifetime experience. So again, I am taking life in stride and learning from each and every experience. I cut ties with the old, and unwrap the ribbons of the new. I am as always thankful and grateful for each and every opportunity to experience life to the fullest. Amen!

Lesson Fifty Two: You are who you are……..
You will always catch a glimpse of yourself in someone else; however, remember not to lose yourself in their image. All you can be is you. If the person, partnership and experience is suitable to your needs and wants release it. Emotionally straining yourself is not necessary. Physically depleting your mental stock on unnecessary moments isn’t helpful to your long run. Yes we will falter and make mistakes. Yes we will even say “why did I experience this, or do this, or go along with this?”, because in our heart of hearts we truly meant well. However, everyday is an experience and life challenge. Never give in or give up! You’re worth it!


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