Leap of faith-

If you had the ability to take everything for what it was worth and at face value, would you? There is nothing at face value for me anymore. Everything that is presenting itself, remains everything that I need and want. I am ready and eager to accept it all. Whatever it is still remains the questionable pink elephant in the room. Fighting the ability to remain on the straight and narrow, fighting the ability to remain conscious of whatever I am committed to, and whatever I have to focus on. The stressors and the struggles that we all face, remain ever so present, but I am denouncing it. I look life and the stressors and serious responsibilities in the face and take on each problem individually. If it's not one thing, there will always remain another. I have presented this blog from my romantic and relationship woes, life viewpoints and minds eyes, written openly and honestly. I fear no intrusions of someone attempting to change and transition my life any further. Battle scarred, and daring the world to continue to push and press me further.
So I wait. I wait on life to not pass me by any longer. I don't wait on a particular dream to in theory, not come true. I patiently wait as I put and place evering together. One life piece at a time. My biggest fear is not succeeding, and I shall succeed.
So the dreams I must make and find a way to fulfill. My desires and passions are what pulls and not pushes me away.

Finding a way.......
As I got on the plane heading to New Orleans, I decided to make my best attempts at forgetting rit now, and living for the dreamed of tomorrow. I am situating myself on a better note. A note never played or heard by myself. A note that is even foreign to someone's musical ears. So I am challenging myself to dare to dream hard and long. To live each day as an adventure. Thankful for everything I recieve, and am blessed with. Thankful for the guiding tools of people who enter my life. Every person is a life lesson, teaching and guiding me on building a better me. So each moment in time and person experienced I welcome. I invite you to take part in my life and growth spasms. My growing pains and moments in time where I am limitless, and assumed lifeless, but I am hopeful and mindful and always in a state of life lesson learned, I welcome it all. Dressing my mind and spacing myself from defeat.

Romantically challenged....
I dre say that I am not looking for love in all the wrong places. Actually I am ready for that soul connection, however, I am not done with my life mission. I know there is something more fulfilling and satisfying out there for me. Life is a teaser, but there is more left to her! So taking my time and slowly going forward. Enjoying the dates, the encounters, and also, the love left, lost and free to experience. I normally would be in a state of finding the ideal mate and right person, however, there is neither a right or an entirely wrong person. Eeryone has something that will attract you and also peeve you, however, nothing is set in stone, and pressure is whatever we make it. I take a stance from someone who has compromised herself many a days and times in my life. That little girl who grew from an emotionally indifferent upbringing, to an almost gypsy-flower child love masses and forget self state. I was Braisen, emotionally enchanting and cold all at once. This took an enormous amount of time and consumed my poisioned heart, but then again I survived and made it to here.....my now, and yet I welcome it and all, with a sense of ease, emotional intelligence and the ability to self reflect and write each and every experienced emotion. I welcome it.....

Lesson Sixty Three: Take time to let life in.
I am taking this moment to let everything out. Eerything as in all emotional feelings, moments in time and precious drawing experiences that is presenting itself to me. Everything matters and counts. Veering is built on a learning curve, which flows within us. Even during our down times and down sides in life, we are truly fortunate and able to come through the rubbles and at times life ashes. For this, I am grateful. Fr this I am opening my mind and life's eyes to all. I welcome it.


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