Could this be......Maybe

At times I want to go forward and be one with a potential partner. Milk the rewards of a shared relationship growing from the start of interest to the blossoming of desire and love. It could be more than a fascination, and nothing less than blooming interest on a daily romance scale. This would seem ideal and scream out a girls desired for fantasy, but it’s semi suiting for me. Although I envision these and many other similar described moments of love, affectionate and interest, it’s not entirely what I want. To be chased and connected with someone is appealing, but to be free from the worries of a relationship, allowed your space and hearts desire with the ability to wet the tip of your ink blot pen of interest whenever you were running low on the fuel that fires your hearts desires. Enchanting and fantasy ridden Monday – Wednesday and Thursday-Sunday solidarity and independence from life’s confines actually is what I secretly desire and want. No rules, no schedule and no reservations. A feeling of free flying and eyeing the night’s skies with unlimited possibilities. In essence, I want it all, but in my very detailed and carefully planned out way. Selfish……possibly so.


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