Damn, I felt the CALM

The change of the weather activates the many changes and self-transitions to come to mind. Impulsive, idealistic and dreaming of a bigger and brighter tomorrow, floats above and before me. Is it my time to receive this magical illusion, or will I continue to dream the dream and watch it stay afloat? Being constantly in motion and at times at war with the idea of rest and relaxation, I find myself restless and looking for more. What exactly the additional asset sought after…..I can’t entirely answer and verify as of yet, however, what I can say is that it’s a piece of me that I am learning about. Now the issue at hand is working with this restless energy and not against it. Calming this restless energy I would hope would have allowed me to write additionally, however, I suddenly developed a writer’s block! I noticed nothing I conjured up in thought could be word by word placed into an essay by design. I couldn’t even find interest in my latest article and book reads which by far was something calming and definitely interesting to me. So what was a girl to do to calm this restless energy…... . Sharing yourself with another be it your spouse, partner or one hit wonder lover allows the restless energy to dissipate and the long term meaning of wanting, desiring for and looking for in another to increase. Just as my heartbeat of interest boomed through the walls of my chest, I noticed my restless energy calming down intensely as I straddled his thighs. Damn I felt settled and instantly calmed. From the stroke of my back, to the sliding down of my shirt, to the caressing of my thighs and the closing of my eyes, I felt the calm. The calm of sexual tension and need interchanged with my want and desire for you. My eyes begin to flutter in contentment. Damn, I felt the calm. The pulsating beats of two hearts in unison racing and needing each other. Damn, I felt the calm.


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