Is it possible to see your life’s escape in the reflection of another? Is it quite possible to allow your walls to entirely come crumbling down in the wake of common interest and unadulterated emotion? Not controlled or contained by self or monitored by anyone other…..Is it possible? Reckless, unplanned and centered on my own personal emotional quest I had to have you. Persistently teasing my mind I wondered about you. Ulterior motives perhaps, but appeal and unspoken interest remained. In my very own abandonment of how I viewed life and the suggested path line what intrigued me about you and your way of life, but most importantly your simplistic essence. Your aromatic ingenious and creative wave of life and how you capture life and those living life engrossed me. Your play with pictures matches my play with words, I wondered about you…. Reserved to many, but not entirely to you I was happy for your entrance in my life. The ability to have escapism is key to me, so whatever role you will play I actually welcome it. Not finalizing anything as I type, or being suggestive of a need or want for further (because I have no idea at this moment what further is) however, I know nothing is concrete and guaranteed, and the ability to live on your two feet and in the moment has remained promising for me, and at times a factor in how I see and define my life. I started our last conversation with “confession time”; I guess I will continue on that pathway, only you would know what the additional sleep afforded me this morning on the most gloomy and grayest day to date. That security and safe net existed in my self-created world. The ability to restfully and peacefully sleep without a wanting feeling; as fleeting as the moment existed and passed it was to me the sun to the start of my day.
Emotionally driven constantly and at times perhaps too intense (depending on the emotions and the outflow and designated person of receiving interest) I was still. Something singularly sought after, but best experienced in the duality of two. Sometimes we never grant others the gratuity and respect they have gathered in our lives, but I thank you.


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