Believe in ME as I believe in YOU!

Another test in the ever pressing and constantly flowing changes in life. So I recently learned that when my fight or flight instincts kick in I can go one or two ways. Choosing the first initial way would occur something like this: I would decided to become upset, think irrationally and turn down all MacGuyver like ways to resolve the issue at hand. I would simply throw in the towel and look no further. My hopes and dreams and all prized possessions claimed up until now will simply dissolve and fade away into the back. The back of my mind would hold so much luggage of unused ideas, great escape attempts and also redeeming factors. A once firm believer in seeing something through regardless of whatever presenting factors occur, I would simply fade to black.

This quality and also first option is something I have grown accustomed to. I have grown to like disappointment and frustrations, and also, working with my back against the wall. I have learned to enjoy the bitter sweet response of unachieved goals, lost virtues, and aspirations sorely achieved and easily forgotten.

So enter option number two, and the response that would follow. I can observe and access the situation at hand. I can start to think about how I am following up and following through with the decisions and choices I am to make. I can listen to whatever is being said, regardless of if it's in loud or small tones. I can easily calm a situation at hand, and find resolve with options. Options are life's escape ladders, invented to sustain balance, and instill height throughout deception, truth's and general life handle.

So as learned, and comforting as option number one has and would have become, I decided that I have this inner being that is not easily going to give in and give up. The one that continues to fight the good fight and remain strong and willing at all times. So I muster up strength and beckon to my inner all to come out come out where ever she ARE! Not only am I impressed by my personal resolve, but I have encouraged and acquired a new skill set and further mastered an effective art of communication 101!

So sashaying my way into a more responsible, honest and upfront close and personal position; I was able to address my most inner needs and wants and not collectively give in and up to disappointment, and Plan A option only. I saw a Plan B and Plan C, and I liked all variables! I came out of this situation with not only my head held high, but a respect for myself I totally had eclipsed. I learned that I have the power to sway, persuade, encourage, endorse and self and shamelessly promote myself. I have found many avenues and ventured into this arena on eggshells, however, I have not entirely gathered the needed and necessary strength to follow through until now. Having embraced my inner Wonder Woman, I am left giddy in the eyes of this full and bright world to and for me to take over!

Lesson Seventy Two: Believe in ME, as I believe in YOU.
Toot your own horn. Shamelessly and selflessly promote yourself. Everything you hope to aspire towards and achieve take it all. Love unconditionally, and challenge life at times. Venture out and make amends with others. Believe in yourself. Value yourself. Take care and rekindle that relationship with you that has left you dreary. envision hope and love and respect. Envision power. There is an untapped essence floating upward in the stream of life. Take heed and flow.


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